Gran Living Designs and imports Quality Home Interiors.

They offer a wide range of private label products for medium and
high-end furniture chains in Northern Europe.
Gran Living also has the brand AYTM, launched in 2015.

Gran Living contacted TRIMIT, to hear more about the TRIMIT solution based on Business Central (former NAV). After having retrieved this, as well as a demo, they were invited to TRIMIT’s customer day. Here they had the opportunity to talk to TRIMIT’s customers about their experiences with the TRIMIT solution.

“We chose TRIMIT, because of all the functions that fit perfectly to our type of company.” /
Stinna Kjærsgård Kristensen, CSR & Quality Manager at Gran Living


Generally, TRIMIT has helped Gran Living get a better integration with their warehouse. Gran Living has an external warehouse, with TRIMIT there are much less manual work, and much better control of the purchase order.

“Our cooperation has been really nice. TRIMIT has some great employees, who has got a good understanding of our company and the way we work.” - Kathrine Gran Hartvigsen, Creative Director at Gran Living

The right choice

Gran Living was in no doubt – TRIMIT was the right solution for them: In Gran Living, we have chosen to work with TRIMIT, as we feel their great knowledge of the interior industry can help ensure the best possible solution for us, Hartvigsen says.

We have been met by people from TRIMIT who speak our language, which has given us great confidence in the process we are going through. For us, TRIMIT has been the right choice, Hartvigsen concludes.

“There are reduced man hours, less mistakes and a less exchange of emails than before.” /
Stinna Kjærsgård Kristensen, CSR & Quality Manager at Gran Living