Service and efficiency

Increased service and more effiency for Cane-line and their customers. The solution provides improved service and greater efficiency for both Cane-line and its customers and saves Cane-line from time consuming double data entry.

When it was time for Cane-line to choose a new provider for their ERP system about two years ago, there were several options. However, there was one primary reason they ended up choosing TRIMIT.

“We chose TRIMIT because they could provide an integrated B2B web solution that others could not deliver. With their solution, we can provide a better service to both our dealers and our customers.”/

Anette Muus, Cane-line/Sika Design

One Single Solution

What makes TRIMIT B2B solution unique compared to its competitors (and is also a major, unique selling point) is that Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ 365 Business Central and TRIMIT are an integral part of TRIMIT B2B. B2B and ERP are integrated into a single solution, which means that data only has to be entered once.

As a result, there is no time-consuming double data entry, which is, of course, a great benefit for both customers and dealers. In addition to saving time, TRIMIT B2B Webshop has another advantage. 

has another advantage. “We can get in touch with our dealers directly, and we can inform them of deals and send them other information directly through the shop. By logging in, dealers can also access all the information that is relevant to them. And it is a kind of a win-win situation, because it saves time both for them and for us!” /

Anette Muus, Cane-line/Sika Design

More Orders

Although Cane-line has only been using the new B2B Webshop for three months, they can already see that it has had a positive effect on the number of orders coming directly through the portal. And, in Anette Muus’ estimation, this will only continue to grow.

“Up to now, only about five percent place orders via the portal. However, this is a relatively good result considering how new it is both for us and our customers. I am therefore extremely confident that the proportion of orders coming directly through the portal will increase as soon as the solution becomes fully implemented.” /

Anette Muus, Cane-line/Sika Design

Ideal for international customers

Yet another advantage of TRIMIT B2B Webshop is that customers - regardless of the time of day - can log on and check availability, delivery times, place orders, check invoices, and everything else. In other words, they don’t have to depend on the opening hours at our office.

This has particular significance for Cane-line’s many international customers. She regards the increased service provided by the B2B solution as the first step toward even higher efficiency, and the ability to offer customers an even more user-friendly system.

“Between 85 and 90 percent of our products are exported, and we have many customers in the U.S. and Canada, in particular. It is ideal for them since they don’t have to worry about different time zones but can log on whenever it suits them. It is a good service for our customers, and it provides us with an opportunity for growth!”/

Anette Muus, Cane-line/Sika Design

Handling Claims

The next step is that all correspondence about complaints can now be done directly through TRIMIT B2B Webshop:

 “Customers can attach pictures of the claim, and these images are then fed directly into our system. This allows us to respond directly to their inquiries, which means that we can deal with the matter as soon as possible, so the customer does not have to wait any longer than necessary.”  

Anette Muus, Cane-line/Sika Design

Instant overview

The new portal has yet another feature that provides enhanced service to customers: dealers can log onto the system and check status while standing face-to-face with the customer. This allows them to immediately see if an item that the customer wants is in stock, or how long the delivery time would be for the item.

“This means that the customer can get a quick answer and does not have to wait unnecessarily. And that is just one more great advantage for our dealers, allowing them to give the customer an answer right there in the store and maybe get the order, instead of the customer going to the competition.
Dealers should not have to wait for “their contact” to be back in the office to be able to check status before he calls the customer back. They can do it right away, resulting in clearly improved service!”/

Anette Muus, Cane-line/Sika Design

About Cane-line

Cane-line has been producing and delivering high-quality furniture for 25 years. The company is primarily known for its outdoor furniture, which can withstand strong winds and water because of the quality materials used.

As a result, its outdoor furniture can be left outdoors all year long. Cane-line has 20 employees and sells through independent stores.