CORNATOR changes its name to unite all companies under TRIMIT Group

The name change is part of a strategy to unite all associated companies in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands into one international group to achieve greater brand impact.

Viborg, 24 March 2022: Trimit is far from an unknown name under the auspices of Cornator. For several years, the name has referred to the IT solution Trimit, aimed at industry-specific fashion, furniture, lifestyle product and manufacturing companies.

“We have launched a major rebranding process to strengthen and clarify our position as a wide-ranging brand. We have decided to go by the name of Trimit, which works best internationally and is a recognised and familiar name among our partners and customers," explains Group CEO Carsten Hedemann, who joined on 1 January 2022 to unite and manage all companies within the Trimit Group in accordance with the overall strategy.

 The name Cornator has existed since the company was founded in 1990, so the decision to change names was not taken lightly. 

"There’s obviously a lot of history and nostalgia associated with a company name. However, the name change will mark the start of a new chapter with multiple benefits of both a practical and tactical nature.

There is an obvious benefit to having one overall communication instead of operating with several brand names and having to manage, market and organise each brand’s costs and obligations individually.

Group CEO Carsten Hedemann

The subsidiaries Cornator A/S in Denmark, Cornator Norway, Cornator Holland and the recently acquired companies HSG Hanse Solution in Germany and Switzerland will change their names to Trimit Denmark, Trimit Norway, Trimit Netherlands, Trimit Germany and Trimit Switzerland, respectively. Likewise, the development company – today known simply as Trimit – will become Trimit Solutions.

The relevant organisational and structural changes are being implemented so that customers and the international network of partners will continue to have access to the same people, the same product and the same support.

The process of changing names to Trimit is ongoing, but the company expects to have all the changes in place in May or June 2022.