Outfit International

Choosing TRIMIT Fashion

Outfit International is a family-owned company that has existed for almost 40 years. Outfit International produce, develop, design, and sell hunting clothes to hunters all over the world.

In 2009 Outfit International implemented TRIMIT based on NAV (now Business Central) to solve some of the challenges they experienced in the industry, among others the challenge to develop several different products for several different markets.

Before implementing their new IT solution TRIMIT, the company developed products by using excel sheets and Word documents, but as product development had to be structured to a greater extent,

Outfit International was ready to find an industry-focused IT solution and ended up choosing TRIMIT.

Supports the entire value chain

”TRIMIT gives us the opportunity to control collections across seasons which we were not able to before” /
Jakob Weitemaier, IT Manager at Outfit International

Outfit International finds great value in the daily product development which, because of TRIMIT, has resulted in the company having one place for their master data, where they can manage the entire collection, their design, and order handling.

”We use TRIMIT Picking a lot in relation to handling goods in the warehouse. It is not only developing products, but the whole value chain that TRIMIT supports”/
Jakob Weitemeier, IT Manager at Outfit International

Outfit International has added TRIMIT web portals to their solution and this has added even more advantages to the company.

The way customer places orders has changed. The company had a clear goal to drive a more digital business and today it is clear from their statistics that customers have become far more self-reliant.

Built for the fashion industry

The core content of the TRIMIT-solution is built with the fashion industry in mind and there is a great deal of knowledge, as well as experience, with the industry among TRIMIT’s employees.

”We experience to a large extent that TRIMIT has a proactive approach to our collaboration by virtue of knowing our business. They have experience and they know which challenges we have in everyday life.”/
Christian Trovatten, Team leader E-com operations at Outfit International.

”TRIMIT knows the business so well and therefore often contacts us before challenges occur”
- Christian Trovatten, Team leader E-com operations at Outfit International.  

The sparring between Outfit and TRIMIT is crucial for both parties, both on larger projects and the smaller everyday tasks.

 “Sometimes we come up with some crazy ideas and TRIMIT then make sure to talk us down to some more realistic ideas, other times they lift us up, where we didn’t even know we were able to land”. Christian Trovatten explains.

”I will definitely recommend TRIMIT and the TRIMIT-solution to others in the business, both because of the TRIMIT-solution’s flexibility and their wide knowledge about the fashion business in general”/
Jakob Weitemeier, IT Manager at Outfit International