WOrk at trimit

Our people are diverse, but we all share the same DNA: ambition, passion, successful, having fun and togetherness are values that we cherish.
This is reflected in our strong personal relations while working together: both with colleagues and with our partners and customers.

We are a tech company run by tech guys, accompanied by some people fanatics. On this page you can catch a glimpse of our people. We are also very curious about you!

 Let’s get acquainted :)

The Perfect Fit

At TRIMIT we do not only develop our great products with the perfect fit for our customers, but we also develop great employees. Because in spite of great technology, we know a company is never better than the people representing it.
As ambitious and successful as we are as individuals, we understand that nobody is greater than the team; we stay humble. And this goes for all our international +120 employees with different backgrounds and cultures.

Successful by trust

How come our people are so successful? Because they only get a minimum of rules – we trust our employees to always do what is best for the company and for the team. And it is this trust that drives our employees’ dedication to succeed in whatever they do. This also means that they get to learn from their own experiences, mistakes included. We believe: If you take responsibility, you get responsibility. Oh, and before we forget to mention: we have fun…lots of fun!

Act local with a global outlook

Our 120 highly specialized employees work local from Denmark, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Their outlook however is always global and our teams collaborate across borders to deliver world-class services to our customers. And yes, an occasional work trip and quality time with colleagues, may occur ;). 

Yes, I fit!

Do you think we are a perfect fit? Check out our open jobs below!